92% of us say that talking about our end-of-life values with a loved one is important, yet only 32% of us have actually done so. Our silence is not without cause. It's a challenging topic to contemplate, let alone plan and discuss. Working through and documenting an advance care plan with Swansong will take you on a reflective and rewarding journey of life's most universal of all experiences. It's about being deliberate and knowledgeable about living and dying well.



Swansong offering

An online video session with a Swansong counsellor offers a place to share and record the sometimes difficult, yet also unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life ahead of death. Having a legally documented advance care plan in place is an act of kindness, to yourself, and those around you.

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    An online video session you can book at any time

    Book a session wherever you are, at a time that suits you. Should you need to change the appointment date, you can do so up to 48 hours before the date.

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    Expert counsellors to guide you

    Our trained counsellors will walk you through the life-affirming conversations and planning, gently, and at your pace. Your end-of-life wishes will be noted and documented for you to keep, and share with those who need it.

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    Life-affirming conversations where you can ask any questions

    Unlike filling in a form on your own, a Swansong session will help you to make informed end-of-life decisions by considering all your options and exploring your preferences, including those not covered by traditional planning.

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    A personalised and legally sound advance care plan

    After the sessions, you'll have access to a legally sound advance care plan that can be shared with family, friends and a medical team, as well as the video recording of the discussion. The Swansong advance care plan can be updated at any time.

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    Peace of mind

    The optimal time to have these conversations, and document how you would like to die is now, whatever your age. By planning ahead with Swansong, you'll unburden your family from making tough decisions when the time comes someday, ensuring their dignity and yours.



All the support you need

Our trained counsellors help you discover, clarify and communicate what is important to you towards the end of your life. For example, the treatment you are prepared to receive, where you want to die, how you want to be remembered…

Counsellor Memory Munodawafa


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Counsellor Janine Rauch


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Counsellor Claire van Staden


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Counsellor Adele van Rooyen


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Death is not just a medical event — it's a life event, and your emotional, spiritual, cultural and social needs are as important.


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Our launch special of R1,900 includes the following

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  • Your completed Swansong Advance Care Plan document and recording

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My Swansong session helped me to organise my own thinking about my end-of-life goals, priorities and dreams for my future. My counsellor's pragmatic advice around medical care decisions has helped me to consider my own mortality, and in fact reminded me of the need to live a meaningful life while we have it. I even chose the poem I want read out at my funeral!”




Take a look at some of the questions we've been asked. If you didn't find what you were looking for, please contact us.

Being prepared for your death is more than simply having a will in place which details how your finances and property will be split up. One of the most valuable gifts you can offer to those you love is to embrace your mortality and be specific about the care you do or do not want to receive, and how you would prefer to die. By planning ahead, you'll unburden your family from making tough decisions when the time comes someday, ensuring their dignity and yours.

People often think that it's too early to be talking about death, but there's no such thing. We never know what life has in store. Accidents happen. Illness and surgeries increase our risk of needing an advance care plan – COVID-19 has brought that to the fore. We believe that it's better to have a conversation around the dining table rather than in the ICU. The optimal time to have these conversations, and document how you would prefer to die is now, whatever your age and health status.

Your chosen “healthcare proxy” will have the legal power (sometimes called "power of attorney for healthcare") to make decisions about your medical treatment (including withholding treatment), in accordance with any limitations or guidance you include in your advance care (ACP). The Swansong Advance Care Plan includes the same content as a living will, but in more detail, as well as your nomination of a healthcare proxy and other important elements. The Swansong Advance Care Plan is a comprehensive document and guide for your family, your healthcare proxy and for the professionals who will be caring for you at the end of your life.

In everyday so called “common law” practice, an advance care plan is legally sound – it must be signed, dated and witnessed. But it doesn't need to be done by a lawyer. It's considered a living document and can be changed at any time.

Your advance care plan and a recording of your actual Swansong session will be sent to you, so that you can share them with your medical team, your family and your loved ones. You will also be able to make changes or updates to the document at any time in the future.

We only offer our service via video chat. Research has shown this is an effective communication platform for clarifying end-of-life care preferences, with many participants preferring a virtual rather than a face to face discussion.

Not right now, but this is definitely something we would like to look at for the future.

Yes, you can gift a session to anyone, as long as they have a device and internet connection that can handle the Zoom conversation. Gifting a Swansong advance care plan session is a great way of showing that you care about that person's future, dignity and peace of mind. Click here to complete the form, write a personalised message to the recipient and pay. The recipient will then receive your email with your message, and a link to a page where they can choose their counsellor and book a time that suits them.

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